Imate offers security in an insecure world

Imate enables people to take control and protect their identity

Today’s model of identity verification and authentication fails to meet the needs of accountholders or organisation. Accordingly, a much more holistic approach is needed to take into account a richer array of context around the identity and lifestyle of the consumer.

IMATE works on the premise that all data is freely available to fraudsters. IMATE’S holistic individual lifestyle approach focuses on the prevention and damages mitigation of the individuals risks when their identity data is being used, with special focus on fund transfers, account openings, account takeovers and communications with organisations. Our aim is to improve, promote and strengthening the capabilities of organisations to stop fraud to the individual and organisation.

IMATE'S comprehensive identity protection platform integrate with; biometrics, behaviometrics, location and context analyses tools. Allows the creation of custom rules and workflows for different products and channels that use a sufficiently wide scoring band, allowing for granular customization. This solution is about multiple data sources across multiple suppliers that make up the identity lifestyle of the individual. The individual authorises the use of their data so they are part of the solution in this inclusive fraud protection system.

Secure Identity Platform

IMATE works on the understanding that due to the number of data breaches you data is out there and available to fraudsters.
IMATE stops any one from using your data other than you or some one you authorize. The system is encrypted at rest and in
motion controlled by you based on your biometrical authority.


IMATE protect your payments and access to your banking and investment accounts and where possible give you a live balance


IMATE protects your online purchases
and sales

Online accounts

IMATE ensures that it is only you that can
log into your accounts.


IMATE can provide you with Authentication
and Non-repudiation Electronic signature

Document Storage

All of your important documents are
encrypted and stored


All communications with you from your suppliers will come through the app, so any emails, phone calls or mail you get from other sources can be ignored.

We know everything about our members we have went through a lengthy Know your Customer (KYC) process, we have over 100 touchpoints from banks to suppliers to government records all documented and verified. We comply with all ALM and CTF regulations. Identity is critical to reducing risk and ensuring compliance in today’s business world. Trusted digital identities help you Identify who is on the other end of the transaction and help you decide whether you should do business with them.

Benefits to Organisations

Trusted Identity both personal and organisational
Fast KYC onboarding
ALM and CTF complement and
Fraud prevention
GDPR compliant
PSD2 compliant
Customer retention
Customer acquisition
Account takeover prevention

Benefits to individuals

Identity theft protection
Fraud prevented
Security of transaction
Quick registration
Up-to-date transaction information
Document security
Reduced communication channels

How it all works system diagram

The identify controls the use of data so as it can not be used without direct biometric approval by the data owner.

Biometric Service Platform

The tools we use to make protecting your data as frictionless, seamless and as simply as possible
We have built into the APP full communications with your supplier. So no more phone calls or emails that you need to worry
about if its not via the app it has came from a fraudster

Face Biometrics
Fingerprint Biometrics
Digital Certificates
Device Binding
ID Documents
Device Authentication
Transaction Audits
Client/Server Authentication
Secure Storage